Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1 year ago I was 36

One year ago I turned 36 and I started a post on doing 36 random act of kindness for my birthday.  I am following up as I just cleaned off my desk and found the sheet listing all the things that my family and I did to celebrate my birthday:

1.  Wrote Nana
2.  Wrote Aunt Marge and Uncle Bob
3.  Wrote Grandma and Grandpa
4.  Got up early to play Legos with Ethan instead of doing yoga
5.  Put a gift out for the trash man, put it on top of the trash can...he got it!
6.  Put a chocolate bar and a note in the mailbox for our mail lady
7.  Paid for the order behind us in the drive through line a McDonalds.
8.  Gave a chocolate bar to the bank teller.
9.  Bought lunch and a drink for the guy with a hurt leg and talked story for awhile.
10.  Quarters
11.  Quarters
12.  Went to the laundermat and filled the machines with quarters and left notes encouraging them to do a random act of kindness.

13.  Quarters
14.  Quarters
15.  Took Apple Strudel to the life guards.
16.  Delivered groceries to awesome friends
17.  Tipped the Ice Cream girls at Gelato
18.  Picked up trash at the beach
19.  Took the kids surfing and gave lots of positive encouragement to Sydney
20.  Signed Carolina up of the Kids Club
21.  Read Stories to all the kids in the Barns and Noble kids section
22.  Gave a random lady a $5 Starbucks gift card
23.  Bought 8 Cake sticks and shared them with my friends
24.  Took the kids to buy Fathers Day cards
25.  Took time to listen and encourage a friend that was upset.
26.  Took a letter that Sophie dictated to me.
27.  Read to the Kids.
28.  Babysat the neighbors
29.  Took the kids paddle boarding
30.  Picked up trash at another beach
31.  Babysat Eden 
32.  Made a new friend at ballet and sat arm to arm enjoying each others closeness
33.  Gave the lady at the store my pen 
34.  Picked up trash around our neighborhood
35.  Took some visitors surfing and taught them to standup
36.  Massaged Troys Legs

It took me one week but it was the Best Birthday ever!!!  Share the love....