Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rose Buds

My Mom just send a package containing some old reports that I had written in my early school years.  I really enjoyed reading them and I loved this one:

When a rose grows it starts as a tiny bud protected by a green thorny covering.  As it grows the protective covering starts to open and the color of the tiny rose appears.  Slowly one by one the tiny petals grow and open up to give light to the other petals.  This goes on until every velvet petal is in full bloom and a masterpiece has taken place.

For this to take place the rose needs water, soil, fertilizer and sunlight.  These aren't anything special, but they are vital to the flowers life.

Just as the bud of a rose blooming into a beautiful flower is in its own way a miracle; so is the beginning of a friendship.  In the first stages of friendship the green thorny protective covering has to open up and allow communication to take place by sharing feelings and letting a little bit of your colors to show thorough.  Then slowly as time goes by and trust comes into play, it acts as the fertilizer in the soil.  One by one another part of you opens up and your true colors shine out.  Under each petal there is something new to be found, and the water that keeps them growing strong is just like the bond that is growing between you and your new friend.

Time is all that is left to secure your friendship.  Time is what proves loyalty, honesty and dependability.  Sunlight is the time, because the sun is always sure to rise in the morning and set in the night.  Always there proving its loyalty, honesty and dependability.

Friendship, just like a rose, is a masterpiece, but takes time, and patients and special ingredients.  The biggest difference between them is that a rose is seasonal, and withers away shortly after it has reached full bloom.  A friendship can last a lifetime, if it doesn't get taken advantage of, or destroyed by jealousy.

Friends are worth more than any amount of money, and should be treated as they are priceless.  Without friends our world would be lonely and empty of roses.

I don't know when I wrote this, but it was typed on a typewriter and my mom must have typed it, because there are not any mistakes.

May all of your lives have a full bouquet of friends and roses!  Thank you for making my vase full.

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