Sunday, July 15, 2012

Even Numbers

Siblings are a wonderful thing.  I have always been an advocate of even numbers of children just because there is no one left out.  I know that this is not always the case, even in my house, but lately the harmony of 4 has been so sweet.

Ethan and Ember love to play legos and today they have worked on circus tricks.  I need to video their trick, but basically Ember launches Ethan off the end of our high king size bed and he does an ariel flip landing on the massive pile of pillows that they have collected from around the house.  The funniest landing was when they put Sophie's toddler mattress on the top and when Ethan landed on one end of the mattress, the other end popped up and hit him in the face.

Sydney loves to play dress up with Sophie.  This morning Sydney did her hair, dressed her up and took her out side for a photo shoot.  These are some of my favorites.  She is out for hire!

The other craze in our van is the game Nash Bridges and Jinks.  If you don't yet play Nash Bridges, here are our rules:  When ever there is a yellow vehicle without any logo's on it, be the first to yell Nash Bridges.  If two people get it at the same time, then the first to say Jinks gets the point.  

( I guess it is from the Nash Bridges TV show )

Like most silly kids games there is no real point, but it is fun and adds some variety to the "punch buggy" or "slug a bug" game.

On the rental car bus the other day, the kids were playing and some people from Australia said they play the same game, but call it some thing different.

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