Sunday, December 2, 2012

Aunt Marge

As a small child, one of my saddest memories was watching a robin call for its mate after my cat had ended its companions life.  The robin was so sad and so mournful that he broke my heart.  I wanted to comfort him and make him understand, but how do you comfort a bird and explain what happened and tell him how very sorry you feel for his loss.

Today I learned that my Great Aunt Marge Allen passed away.  She was very old, very sweet, very loved and very tenderly cared for by my Sweet Great Uncle Bob.  When my brother called to tell me about my Aunts passing, he said my Uncle Bob was carrying her clothes around looking lost.  Oh how my arms wanted to reach out and comfort him, to make him understand that the emptiness could just be temporary.  She is still his Marge, if he could just...

We have some cardinals that like to visit our home.  They are a family of 3.  They have grown along side my children and I really like them.  One got stuck in a trap today.  It was a trap that we had set out for a rat.  It died.  It was more than my little heart could take.  I felt so sad for the remaining cardinals.  How could I help them feel better?  How could I tell them how sorry I feel.

My Aunt Marge has been an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints her whole life.  She is the reason that my father is active today.  She faithfully went to church her whole life.  She faithfully ached every day for the day when her Bob would join her.

The birds seem to move along fairly quickly after a loss.  Life depends on it.  I hope they find love again, I hope I again hear the little chirps that brighten my day.  I hope they forgive me.

I pray that the loss numbs any pride, bridges any hesitation and ignites desire.  May death be the catalyst for eternal life, eternal marriage, eternal happiness.

I love you Aunt Marge.  Birds of a Feather....

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