Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bath Time

I was busy doing the biweekly climb of Mount Laun-dry, when Sophie mastered some new skills.
1. Climbing into the bath tub
2. Turning on the water
3. Putting up the drain
4. Pulling out the drain cover
(I did check the water temp., but she did everything else by herself!)
She was so happy, so wet and boy was her diaper soggy!

Bonus- I conquered the mountain and got a good laugh!


  1. If you would let her bathe like this every day then you wouldn't be so behind on laundry. Kill two birds with one stone!
    That Sophie is too smart for her own good! It is amazing.

  2. What a smart little cookie. I love that proud little smile. Now come on over and help me climb my mount laun-dry... it is HUGE this week!!!

  3. Love the pics! How fun for you...

  4. Oh my goodness that girl is too smart! At least it is not the toilet...
    And I would love to help you with Mount Laundry anytime!! Great excuse to avoid mine =)