Monday, January 5, 2009

It's Almost Over...better get to the Beach

When I was growing up in Flagstaff, Christmas break consisted of hoping, praying and loving the snow. It was great for sledding, sliding, tracking, fort building, snow balling, icicle eating, skiing, snowboarding and socializing. Some of my favorite memories are of the late afternoon snowstorm that left just enough snow on the street by night fall for sledding. We would bundle up, go outside and dig out the sleds, toboggan, and vespa's. Vespa's were our little motor scooters that my dad would hook the sled to the back and pull us all over the neighborhood. Pure childish, bone chilling bliss. And we didn't have to walk back up the hill! The night would end after the last pulse raising, finger clenching, slide down the hill was over. I love the sound the sled makes as the runners glide through the cold snow! Numb, cold fingers; wet and missing gloves; snow crusted hats, scarves and socks; soggy boots; red Rosy cheeks; ice frosted hair; big happy, sleepy smile.

My kids are in a completely different world. We are one week away from the dreaded return to school. It seems like we just got into the rhythm of being together all day when it is time to mess it all up again. Anyway, tomorrow we are headed to the beach. We need the sand. It is nothing like the snow, but they have a fabulous time playing in it. Someday they will write about the sand fights, sand castles, sand sculptures, sand holes and sand in their swimsuits. It some how doesn't sound any where as glorious as the snow on Christmas break, but I hope it will be filled with sweet memories. Kids are great. Snow is great. Sand is pretty okay too, but truth be told, I could use a little snow right about now.


  1. The sand sounds so wonderful to me right now. I guess it's always green on the other side.
    We had another HUGE storm pretty much all day yesterday. The kids were out late playing and shoveling all the neighbors driveways. Our dog covered in fur snow balls, the kids with frozen fingers and rosy cheeks ready for hot chocolate.
    Thanks for reminding me these are some good times. I am always looking forward to spring and warmer weather.
    I loved your memories. I have some fond memories at the beach with your guys too :)

  2. You almost made me cry. I miss those carefree days of playing in the snow all day! I miss the snow on Christmas morning. I am glad I don't live in it anymore, but I long for it sometimes too. I wish we were at the beach with you, creating those great new memories! I am sad school is back in, but glad the routine is back! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  3. Ahh, the snow sounds bitter sweet. Probably more sweet sounding to you right now. I am glad I got to share in some of the sand with you guys today. It was wonderful. And thanks for reminding that I need to TREASURE the rest of this break... it is almost over! =(