Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pine Wood Derby

Ethan and Troy had their first Pine Wood Derby race this last Saturday. It was a fun morning filled with cute boy scouts, creative cars and competitive fathers. Ethan drew out several ideas on paper for his car, and the desired design was a simple wedge. Cut, sanded, painted, weighted, balanced and weighed, then dismantled, sanded and painted again...the Silver Wedgie (S.W.) was ready for racing. Ethan's troop had a bean bag game booth set up at the derby and there was also a mini marshmallow catapult that was fun and palm-frawn fish weaving (only in Hawaii). The Silver Wedgie was awesome on the wood track and won several heats. Ethan was a riot- grabbing his car at the finish and racing back to the start and securing a start spot for the next race. The wood track was just to practice on and race friends, and honestly that was the funnest part. The real race was double elimination on a metal track and only the race director got the start the cars. Ethan's car made it through about 4 heats and then...he got to have the real fun on the wood track. It was good fun!


  1. Great job Ethan! That car looks awesome. Adam and I were looking at it this morning and he got so excited to do his pinewood derby this year. Looks like a winner :)

    Who is Troy giving that dirty look to. That look cracked me up! :)

  2. Way to go Ethan! That looks like tons of fun...