Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Letter 2011

Christmas 2011

Can it really be time to write another Christmas letter?

This year has flown by for me and my little family. We have had a good year filled with great things from above.

I can not tell you how grateful I am for our Savior Jesus Christ.

Baby Jesus was born in the most humble circumstances, his example of love, service and sacrifice, inspire us to do more, joyfully and better.

I smile as I think of the world preparing to celebrate his birth once again.

Family Update:

Sydney is now 13! She is a wonderful A - student, sister, swimmer, pianist, and daughter. She reached a new milestone this year as she is now taller than me. She is 5'8”!!! Sydney loves to read, ride her bike, draw and especially loves to swim for the Maui Dolphins swim club.

Ethan is now 11 and he has graduated from elementary school. He is an avid surfer, and also enjoyed trying cross country and volleyball this year. He is enjoying middle school and he has also discovered that girls are cute. Like his mother, he excels at playing and has had to work on developing some new study habits this year.

Ember is now 7 and she is so busy. My house is always filled with 3-D scenes that she has made, or rock walls that she is building, pulley systems and doll accessories. She learned to use the sewing machine this summer and made a little quilt. She is a great and happy little girl, but never content unless she is creating.

Sophie is now 4 and she is so fun. Sophie learned to ride her 2 wheeler bike this year and almost every evening we end the day with a bike ride through our neighborhood. I have a Preschool day every Tuesday for her and 5 friends and it is lots of fun. Sophie can write her name now and she is always ready for a treat or a surprise. She believes life should always be full of fun and friends.

Troy has had another busy and productive year with his business. It is the 5th child of the family. He is a great dad, he still enjoys regular rides on his road and mountain bike and has somehow given up sugar which makes him amazing in my book. He is also a major player in our ward family and spends lots of time at church.

I am a busy wife and mother. I figure that there is not a better job. I am self employed, self motivated and the faster I get all the “chores” done the sooner I can go play. My favorite play themes tend to be outside, so I am an advocate of sunscreen and a good strong core. I also get to play at church with all the primary kids so that fits me well.

We are so blessed to be apart of your lives and to have you in ours.
We look forward to the day when our paths cross again.

Much love and Aloha from the Anderson's Family to Yours!

Merry Christmas.

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