Monday, October 10, 2011

The Time Capsule

I have not posted in so long it is hard to think of what to post.  My keyboard is getting stiff and some keys are sticking so it is not very pleasant to type, but I miss the cyber connection of my blog.

The Anderson's are doing well.  We are progressing, learning, growing and having fun.

Sydney is taller than I am and is practicing her teenage attitude which I am enjoying - memories.... I was there once too.  It is amazing to watch the beautiful young lady develop in that body and mind.  She is a good girl.
Ethan loves surfing and skateboarding and that's about all he talks about 24 hours a day.
Ember is always creating and busy.  She makes rock walls and mixes dirt and water to make her own concrete, makes pulley systems for lifting the cat, macadamia nuts, or lilikoi.  She is always on a project...and always leaves a trail of evidence.
Sophie is a handful.  I love that kid, she is so dang cute that I will keep her, but she does try her mother.  She has just regressed to communicating with one word or hand motions.  Hungry.  That is her favorite word.  She is 4 and has the vocabulary equal to most high school kids, but hay!  Why bother with all the added mess of words when one verb can do it?
I hurt my shoulder trying to surf with Ethan.  Rehab is my new game.  I love acupuncture, PT, and the chiropractor and they love me!  I also have discovered barefoot running thanks to my brother Aaron and I love my vibram 5 finger running shoes.
Troy is constantly looking at road bikes and can't decide which one to buy.  I say go with color, forget all the geometry.

We have had an attack of mice.  They are everywhere.  They are cute, creepy, messy, stinky, and hopefully dead or leaving.  They have prompted me to clean out cupboards, wash, disinfect, bag, and organize everywhere I have seen them.  We have changed the eating rules of the dog and cat, bought electric zappers, set traps and employed the cat, but we are still visited by furiously fast fuzzy rodents.  I am so ready for them to be gone.

We had a fun summer.  We did not go anywhere, but we played everywhere.  It was a nice summer.  I am loving every minute of having my kids with me.  They are growing up so fast and I am just trying to keep up.  One of the things we started this summer were quilts.  Ember is the only one that finished hers.  It is a small doll size quilt and she is so focused that she got done first.  It was so fun to see her using the sewing machine all by herself.

We witnessed miracles this summer.  Our little friend Lanea fell off our roof this summer while the kids were playing hide and seek after dinner.  It was dark and she fractured her skull.  It was horrible.  Troy and another friend gave her a blessing while we were waiting for the ambulance.

Doctors were amazed that she lived.

Miracle #1 - She was very alive.
Miracle # 2 She didn't have a lot of pain. 
She lost use of 1/2 of her face for a few days.
Miracle # 3 The paralysis was not permanent. 
She has a beautiful smile that I will never tire of seeing.  Her family (she has a lot of extended family) was so amazing.  They actually came to see if we were doing okay and gave us love and support.
Miracle # 4 Learning lessons: Life goes on.  Healing occurs.  Friendship is made stronger.  Life is precious.  God hears and answers our prayers.

The outpouring of love and prayers from everywhere was huge.  I still thank my Heavenly Father each day for the miracles we were given.

Kids are also required to wear helmets at all times when playing at my house.  Okay, maybe not at all times, but we are definitely advocates of head safety.

Well, that was good.  Writing that emotional roller coaster was hard and I am done for tonight.  I will try to get some pictures up soon and some more Anderson stories.


  1. I have missed hearing about the Andersons. LOve you guys, and miss our adventures with you. Hope to hang soon.
    Love to all the fam, from Utah!!

  2. Yay! Loved reading your time capsule update. Good job condensing a lot into a little. Even though I see you regularly it is fun to catch up some more on here. love you lots!

  3. Those darn kids grow up...

    Glad your friend was okay!