Friday, November 19, 2010

Big Island Trip 2010

Troy was working over on the Big Island quite a bit this summer and one weekend
we got to go an
d visit him and play!
The kids and I flew into the Hilo Airport, got some Taco Bell and then headed towards the volcano and found the funnest, free, zoo! It was the Pana'ewa Rainforest Zoo. It is free to get in and it has a white tiger, ant eater, deer and lots of strange reptiles which Ethan loved and lots of other neat animals.

Looking at the Tiger


Ethan didn't get to hold any reptiles, but he did catch a baby chick.

Then we left the Zoo, got into the cool air conditioning of the van and headed to the volcano!

We could not see the lava, but the kids thought that all the smoke and the steam vents were so cool!

After our fill of the Volcano, we decided to head to Kona side. A 2 hour drive give or take some. We did drive through Hilo town and I had forgotton how beautiful the Japanese park, river and little harbor was. I would like to stay over there some day!

The drive is beautiful. Very lush and green all the way to Waikoloa where the landscape drastisticly changes to brown, dry and lava fields. It is quite a change. Painful on the eyes after all the green beauty.

We made it to Troy in time to go to dinner at the Macaroni Grill. It was yummy, but the best part was seeing Dad and going to our fun hotel. One day we went to the Hilton Waikoloa and did all the fun things at that resort. Troy and I had not been there since Sydney was about 2 years old.

There are these great vintage boats that take you around the resort property.

One of my favorite things is watching the Dolphins. There was even a 3 week old dolphin that we got to see nursing and swimming with his momma.

Then we decided to play in the lagoon. There are kayaks, paddle boards, bike boats, paddle boats, snorkels, and sand. We all had alot of fun trying everything out. There were turtles and lots of other sea life in the lagoon. Ethan and I even saw an eel out swimming!

The Lagoon...Sophie and I are sitting out there on a paddle board. Ethan and Sydney are swimming.
Sydney on a paddle board.

Troy and Ember on boards.

Ethan loved the kayaks.

Troy and Emmy on the bike boats. Ember could barely reach but she did it. She did get down on the side and try peddling with her hands on a single bike!

Sophie love it all, but she is also happy in the sand.

Sydney on a bike.

Ethan charging the waterfall.

Cycling with Daddy

There are so many neat statues!

So that was the summer 2010 Big island trip...can't wait for the next one !!!

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