Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Happiest Child in the World

My Ember is a Joy. I am lucky enough to call her my daughter and blessed to be her mother. This kid was sent to earth to make my life brighter. She is my mini me in looks and spirit.

A typical day at the beach. Still holding on to one front baby tooth.

Hiding in a stick tunnel on one of our favorite hikes in Olinda. Ember is a great explorer.

A Tea Party with Sophie and Eden. Ember is very good at looking out for her little sister.

Did I ever tell you that she is part monkey? She gets that from her dad's side of the family.

Hanging out in the hammock while camping in Hosmer Grove. She loves getting dirty, dealing with the cold and sleeping in our cozy tent.

She still wears a dress almost every day. Some fancier than others. A true princess at heart.

Finely lost that other front tooth. She waits until they fall out. This one fell out at school and she didn't even notice. One of the boys at lunch told her and she found the tooth on the floor!

Ember picked the biggest pumpkin she could carry...those were the size limit rules at the pumpkin patch this year.

Ember has also become a student of the violin. She makes it look very easy and just seemed to pick up reading notes like breathing. It is so fun to watch her learn and practice. I go to lessons with her each week and we try to practice together every day. She is gifted. I am not. She also got that from her dad. Musical talent is beyond me.

Ember does not like her hair to be "fluffy", we brush it out each night and braid it or put it into a bun so that it does not get tangled while she sleeps. She has beautiful curls and long soft hair.

Ember's favorite spot to play is up on the roof. Over the garage there is a spot where a tree covers some of the roof and that is the best spot. She is always sneaking up there with her friends.

Ember loves to draw. She makes me books, recipe's, story's, and they are stapled and given with enthusiasm. Now that she can do a bit of writing she leaves me love notes and narratives of our day. For example there was a paper left in the car this morning that said: "WE ARE GOING TO SCHOOL"

She is my Soccer girl this season. I am her coach. Our team is the Golden Princesses. Ember wanted to be the golden retrievers, but she was out voted. We are not very good, (we border on really bad) but the girls try their best and they are so glad to finish the game and have...Snack.

Ember is one of those kids that don't complain or put up a fight when they don't get what they want. She just accepts it and moves on. She is a great example to me and some of my other kids.

I am so grateful to be watching this little girl grow up. Each night she wants me to massage her legs, she says they are sore. Growing pains? Or maybe it is a creative way to get just a few more minutes with Mom. I am thankful for those sore legs so I can spend a little more time with my Emmy Lou Who.


  1. She is beautiful, and she does look like you. What a blessing she is. And I would never have guessed that was Eden. Not in a million years.

  2. LOVE that picture of her at the beach. What would you expect from your children with YOU as their role model. What a wonderful daughter, you both are lucky to have each other!
    I wouldn't have guessed that to be Eden either. I actually blew up the picture to get a closer look! My how she has grown up!!!