Monday, September 27, 2010

The Princess has Turned a Royal Three

There was once a little baby born, in a hospital, to a mommy that loved her very much. This baby was sweet, beautiful and healthy. The mommy and daddy named her Sophie after her great-great-great grandmother. Her middle name was chosen to be Malia after a dear friend.

This baby decided she wanted to test just how much the mommy loved her. So for many days, weeks and even months after she was born, this baby decided to cry. The mommy loved her, carried her, nursed her, sang songs to her, cried with her, danced with her and every once in to sleep with her!

Finely one day the baby decided that she would stop crying and just start repeating everything that she heard. She was like a little baby parrot (or a Bunny). Mommy loved hearing her talk. By the time she was two, that little baby could almost sleep through the night. She still would cry for her binky or her bedtime snack...1/2 of an apple or 1/2 of a cucumber in bed, but at least now she could tell why she was crying.

By the time she was 2 and a half the mommy suddenly noticed one day that the crying was gone. The little baby that had demanded all the love that the mommy could muster, was now a sweet, happy, fun little girl. What joy! What rejoicing! That little girl did so much so more diapers, (not even in bed), no more binkys (we took them to walmart and traded them in for a fairy doll), no more bedtime snacks (okay now and again), and no more crying (except when she is hurt or tired or...but not just to test the mommy).

Sophie loves to play with her little friends. Go to Joy School. Wear dresses. Eat macaroni and cheese, ice cream and go to the mall for See's candy. Play with Ember, Ethan and Sydney - in that order. Play with the doll house and have the dolls act out our lives. Go to the beach and swim, swim, swim! Swing. Watch PBS Kids. Hug Licorice the cat. Giggle. Get tucked in - especially her toesies. Sleep on the floor for her naps. Be silly.

My Sophie has turned THREE! She is my baby. She successfully weaned me from wanting any more babies. But I am so glad to enjoy the four that I have. Sophie, I love you.

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