Friday, October 29, 2010

The Nap and The Powerful Influence of Siblings

Yesterday I had to pick up Ethan and Ember from School at 1:00. We needed to head straight to town do some errands and then pick up Sydney by 2:30. Then it would be time to drop off Ethan and Sydney for Piano at 3.
Sophie's nap time is usually right after lunch. She is much happier with a nap, just like some adults I know, but we can get away without a nap and a early bed time if we have to. But at 6 pm we had a pack meeting for Ethan's scout troop where Ethan would be becoming a Webelo Scout, so I needed, wanted, and had to get Sophie down for a nap.

So after dropping off the kids at Piano, I said to Sophie, why don't you close your eyes and take a nap. She firmly responded with a sharp, "NO!"

Ember who was in the 3rd row back seat, behind Sophie, came back with the immediate response, "I am going to take a nap too Sophie. I am tired. Why don't we both go to sleep?"
Sophie responded with an agreeable, "OKAY." Closed her eyes, laid her head to the side and was literally asleep in the next 3 minutes.

Ember did not have any need or desire to sleep, but she has a way of seeing the big picture and making it work.

Sophie slept through piano lessons=1 hour, slept through my Costco visit=30 minutes, (Sydney stayed in the car with her) and she woke up on the way home...NAP = happy Sophie = fun pack meeting = happy family.

Thank goodness for Ember's quick thinking and Sydney's love of reading so that she was willing to stay in the car and babysit. And Ethan's hard work at Scouting. What good kids I have :)


  1. You have awesome kids Amy. Awesome MOM = Awesome kids : )