Friday, August 13, 2010

What makes Amy Work?

Happy, Busy, Optimistic, Cheerful, Overwhelmed, Productive, Driven, Playful, Hungry, More...I always want more...
I feel like I go. I go hard. I usually enjoy it. Until I don't. What is the difference. When does the enjoyment end and the drudgery begin.
I like to run on my terms, my time, I don't like to wait. I am a bit impatient, but I am learning to live in the moment and enjoy waiting. I enjoy it a lot more if I have something to read or learn or do...okay maybe I am not learning to live in the moment, but I think about it.
If I walk in the morning and do something for me, then my day is smoother. Something done for me makes doing for everyone else all day easier.
Paint, play piano, draw, sew...utilize that other side of the brain. Miracles happen. Coloring with Sophie kind of counts.
Friends are the chocolate of life. Sweet moments in a otherwise bland smorgasbord.
Husband. He makes my day better. Even when it is already good.


  1. Loved this! All so true, you are an inspiration to all around you!
    I Miss being a piece of chocolate in your everyday life :)

  2. Beautifully written. I love Amy essays. What beautiful words put in such a lovely, smart way. Love you. And when I first read the title "what makes Amy work?" I thought 'chocolate'. I miss you. You are a dear friend.