Monday, August 16, 2010


My Number One Daughter, Sydney.
She is all that a daughter should be. Wonderful, Dynamic, Smart, Beautiful, Difficult, Amazing, Talented, Helpful, Interesting, Fun and growing up so fast right before my eyes.
I love her.
I learn so much with her.
She is such a good girl and a wonderful example to her little sisters.

Right now she thinks its gross when Troy and I kiss.
She is reading the Little House on the Praire Books.
She loves to read.
She loves to eat White Nectarines.
She has size 10 feet.

She still thinks I am cool.
I am still taller.
She has a big smile.
She loves her Dad.
He loves her.

Almost 12.
So ready to leave primary.
She has such a bright future.
I am excited to see what she chooses to fill it with.
Thank Heaven for Sydney!


  1. What a beauty!! Amy and Troy, you have done good! She is growing up, way too fast. She sounds like a chip off the 'ol block Amy! :)
    Loved hearing about beautiful sydney.

  2. Love your posts Amy and your pictures are amazing! thanks for visiting today!