Sunday, August 1, 2010


Well it is with sadness and a full heart that I write this post. Tomorrow is the first day of school for Ethan - 5th grade and Ember - 1st grade. Sydney starts 7th grade on Wednesday and I will be left home with my little Sophie. We have had a busy and full summer. We have surfed, hiked, danced at ballet, played piano and violin and swam every week. We have visited the goat farm, the tropical plantation and the aquarium. We have mowed the lawn, planted a garden, mountain biked, filled our home and yard and car with all the neighborhood kids, eaten ice cream, camped in Hosmer Grove, directed Stake Girls Camp and celebrated birthdays. Ember turned 6 and I turned 35!

So what have we learned:

Amy: My favorite thing was that I love spending time with my kids. I am exceptional at taking them on adventures of fun. I will miss them terribly when they are back in school. I learned that I am tired.

Sydney: Favorite thing was going to swimming and she learned to play "Each Life that Touches ours for Good" on the piano.

Ethan: Learned to short board and his favorite thing was surfing.

Ember: Learned how to make Phoenix Birds cut out of painted papers and her favorite thing was playing with her friend Eden at the beach.

Sophie: "My favorite thing was going to the goat farm" and she learned how to jump into the water all by herself at the pool and off a 3 foot rock at the bamboo hike!

Troy: "My favorite thing about this summer was taking my kids mountain bike riding and I learned that nothing says I love you like chocolate."


  1. You ARE the best at adventures. Your kids will have memories to last a life time. I can't believe school already!!!
    Miss the Andersons!

  2. We start on Wed. I can't believe how big they are. Can't we freeze them somehow, or turn back the clock a few years?

    Thanks for the b-day wish. It was so good of you to remember.