Sunday, March 6, 2011

TP for Babysitting

It has been a long week. Longer as we are starting to feel better, but not well enough to go outside and play. I was so ready for a break from being in my house that I snuck away Saturday and had a fun haircut and bought hair stuff, which is a good change from my norm. The Lady who cut my hair was named Stacy and I really liked her. She took a good 45 minutes to blowdry my hair and tame the frizzys out of it. It was just the pampering I needed after pampering everyone else all week. At the end she exclaimed, "You look georgous! Call up your husband and tell him to take you to dinner." (See why I really liked her) Not one to be disobedient when someone tells me to do something enjoyable, I called Troy and told him to get ready to go out.
Now what to do with the kids? Usually a movie is the easy enertainment, but we have really over played the movie card this week, so I told the kids that they could all play with Toliet paper while we were gone. I have a history of decorating with TP. It is in the cosmic genes that I feel obligated to pass on to my children. It is clean, white, soft, biodegradable, long, handy, educational and fun! Here are the homecoming pictures:

So next time you need an easy is under the bathroom sink!


  1. LOVE that idea... will be using that soon. :) My boys would love that. Make a mess with moms permission... awesome!
    Now, we need pictures of your hair!! So fun.

  2. Awesome! I love it. Fun mom. Now, where is the pic of your hair?