Monday, January 18, 2010

The Hover Board

It all started with a Saturday morning shopping trip to Home depot.
Troy with his helpers: Ethan, Sydney and Ember.
They were shopping for all the supplies needed to build a HOVERBOARD!!!
The girls were a big help with the shopping and Ethan and Troy had so much fun building it.

The 200 horse power yard blower and some PVC and lots of duct tape and some pond liner and staples........ will magically become the HoverPower!

Boys do love power tools!

Stapling on the heavy duty pond liner made from recycled tires.

It's done!


Now it is time for the science fair! Talk about being King for the day.
He had the biggest grin ever.
Thanks Troy!


  1. That is so awesome!! Great job. I love the big smiles, especially the proud Mama in the background.
    Adam and Jonah loved it and are now on a mission to make one :)

  2. This is awesome. Troy is one cool papa. Seriously. WHat a memory, experience, etc. I miss you guys. I love the extent the Andersons will go for a fun adventure.