Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where do I Start?

It has been along time since my last blog entry. I have gone to the dark side...facebook, and I check in occasionally over there to see whats going on. I loose my blogging connections and don't get over here to add in our new adventures...of which there are always many.
Since I missed October completely, I want to start with the pumpkin patch.

I love going to the pumpkin patch. The only thing that is missing is cool weather. Did you know that October is the hottest most miserable month in Hawaii? The trade winds die off and without them the air is hot, muggy and we stay hot, sticky and sweaty. The only cure is to get wet, stay wet and then shower if too dry. COLD showers are wonderful. Thankfully the tap water stays cool and refreshing. Even our dog loved getting sprayed off. Sophie loves to shower Zack.

We hiked in the bamboo forest. I'll take anyone who comes to visit! We were lucky enough to have Meg and Lily come out and play for a week. It was wonderful!

My wet Monkeys needed Sock Monkeys...

So we made Sock Monkeys! Everyone has one now. Meg brought the socks for me and the kids helped make and decorate their own Monkeys. Lily turned 3 while she was here so she got a Monkey too. Each one we made got better and better. It was a fun and fairly easy project. I found the instructions online and away we went. Sophie didn't have one for this picture, but she has one now and calls it her socky monkey. Sydney is getting pretty fancy with her sewing and stuffing skills. Ethan made hair and shorts for his monkey!

We went to visit Troy while he was working at the Hyatt. Ember saw some funny birds: An African Crowned Crane. It was pecking away at the window while the kids got down at eye level with it. We pool hopped in their very fun pool. Found some of our friends there and they were nice enough to get Ethan and Sydney bracelets for the slides. A great time was had all who were in the wet water. Poor Troy was slaving away in jeans. Thanks for working so hard honey!

Ethan turned NINE! He woke up to a toilet papered room. I perfected this art with my friend MaryAnn when we were around 9 or 10. (You can ask her why we started doing this.) Ethan got a big knife and ate at Casanovas, his favorite Italian restaurant.

Just a note about Ethan. He is a great mellow kid. He is easy going, thinks he is awesome, loves his sisters and adores his dad. He has big plans. There is a science fair coming up and he has talked his dad into building a hover board. Yes, other kids will be soaking eggs in vinegar and the like, but my Ethan can not think small. He does the "little" science experiments after school for fun. Science fairs are for the BIG stuff. So we now have the wood, pond liner, a blower (motor) and pvc pipe ready for assembly in the garage. That will be a blog entry very soon!
I love this kid. He is upbeat and always ready for adventure.

Halloween was fun...Sydney won a costume contest at school. She was Juliette. Ethan was Mut from Indiana Jones. Ember was a LadyBug. Sophie was a Bunny and Troy, well, speak of the Devil - I actually got him to wear that into the Halloween party at church. It didn't last long but I got a kick out of it. I was a pumpkin, but for some reason no one took my picture. I must be a camera hog.

Well that is about all for October...It was hot and fun!

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