Monday, June 1, 2009

The Last Weekend in May

We love to hike and with the weather in Maui becoming unbearably hot we have been seeking the cooler air and open trails. Saturday morning Troy took Sydney to a Swim meet in Kihei. So, Ethan, Ember, Sophie and I decided we needed a Komodas Bakery run and a morning hike before the 12 :00 basketball game. Happy Kids and Sugary fingers. Stick doughnuts and Cinnamon snails!
Ethan and Ember were beating tree stumps into pulp while Sophie observed and then simply stated: "Sad". Poor tree stump. (She joined in on the next one.)Ahhh-what a cute little trail! Let's take it!
Ethan is our protector...Sticks make the best weapons....
Checking out the water trough.

Sometimes we find ripe raspberries or poha berries growing and the kids gobble them up. We only found a few today, but last month we picked about a pound of raspberries!

Today after church we came home to eat and hurried to the car and up to the cool country. The clouds were in and the hike felt magical.

Troy got cut wittling on a stick and Sydney fixed him up with her bandanna. We followed a river bed down to a 100 foot drop that the kids are anxious to go repelling off of. Sydney wanted to try today. She and Ethan packed their harnesses and rope, but only about 25 feet of it, so she will have to wait until next time...hopefully Uncle Jonathan will come and go with us!

We hiked through our lava tube and Zack came with us. Even the tube had "clouds" in it and the
flashlights reflected off the particles in the air and made it seem so much lighter. It was cool! I thank my Father in Heaven everyday for the beautiful world he created for us. It is so good to get out and enjoy it!


  1. I love seeing all the pictures of your family. They have changed since the last time I saw them. I can't wait to see you guys!

  2. You guys are such an adventurous family... love the day to day Anderson fun on the mountain. All the pics are great but I LOVE the one of the four kids together, Ethan making peace signs and Sophie just about to escape!