Sunday, May 31, 2009

Manic May

May has been the busiest month of the year, but I loved every minute of it. Here is a fun re-cap of the adventures:
Mondays, after school, Sydney scored on a deal to trade horseback riding lessons for babysitting. So she is learning to ride "Western Pleasure" and loving it - for FREEEEEEEEE!
Tuesdays Ethan has Scouts and then basketball practice. Basketball is up in Kula, an area of Maui that is cooler due to its elevation. It only takes 10 minutes to get there but there is a 5-10 degree temperature difference-I love it!
Wednesdays and Saturdays are Basketball game days-Go Spurs! (Ethan is the one with the ball-click the picture to get a better look)
Thursdays are full: Ember and I go to Preschool together so Sophie stays home with a babysitter. After school we take Sydney to piano lessons and then Ember has Ballet down in town 30 minutes away-ahhh!
Friday is Ember's day to go to Preschool alone, which she loves,

I meet a friend at the pool where we trade babies and get some laps in. Then after school we have basketball practice again.

The really fun stuff:
Sydney and I got to go to Oahu for 2 days with the 5th grade classes. I was a lucky Chaperone with a bunch of giggly girls. We did fun things like the AZ Memorial, the USS Missouri Battleship, Boxcar racing, Sleeping at the Bishop Museum (our own night at the museum), visited the state capitol buildings, did a mock trial in the judiciary building, saw Iolani palace and went ice skating! Sydney at the USS MissouriThree of the crazy drivers-Jessica, Sydney and Victoria.It was a whirlwind trip, so much fun and so many nice kids!
The next big event was a Cinco de Mayo Party complete with pony rides. I made 5 gallons of Horchata for the party which was lots of work but very yummy. Ember gots lots of pony time and we all ate lots of Mexican food!The end of the Month brought Ohana Day, a fun morning of performances by all the kids at Pukalani School. Sydney and her 5th grade class did a Hula to Ka Uluwehi o Ke Kai. Sydney still loves to dance. She is graceful and sweet and fun to watch.
Ethan's 3rd grade class did a cute dance to Rhythm of the Ocean and Ethan was front and center giving it all he had, he is the life of the group, he brings the energy and spark that fuels everyone with smiles.
Then Ember got a chance to perform in a real ballet - A Midsummers Nights Dream - she was a beautiful little pixie who LOVED being on stage. It was so cute!!! At the end we gave her a big bouquet and she was so thrilled to have her very own flowers. I will torture all of my family this summer with the videos of these timeless events!

Troy and I also celebrated our 15th year anniversary this Month. We had a good friend offer to babysit so we went out on the town, ate at Mama's Fish House and walked on the beach! It was a great start to our 16th year!


  1. Looks like a busy, but very fun month! We are missing the Andersons and loved seeing how much you all are growing. I hope you have a great summer with many more adventures. :)

  2. Sometimes our lives are all or nothing. Sounds full but fun :) Congrats on 15 years!!!