Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Excuses and Summer

Well I apologize to all of you that have been faithfully checking for more posts. I have 3 excuses to explain-#1 I suddenly felt a bit like a fish in a bowl and didn't really want to post my life. Then I thought...hey I love these people, they love me, what do I have to hide. #2 once over #1 I was too busy this summer playing as hard as possible with my kids to want to sit at the computer. #3 Hmmm I can't remember #3. So now on to better things like me and my crew!

We had a great, if not too short summer. We beached alot, windsurfed, surfed, hiked, biked, camped in the backyard, visited Haleakala National Park, danced, planted a garden, played with friends, discovered poha berries, picked and made blackberry jam, baked, barbcued, and ate!

The kids got along really well and Ember so enjoyed having Ethan and Sydney home to play with her. Sophie loved all the attention and I loved all the help. We had a chore chart that rotated once a week and the kids are maturing into contributing little people. Ethan still loves to spend every spare moment playing Legos and Sydney read so much this summer I actually had to ask her to stop reading every once in awhile. She really enjoyed a Warrior series about a clan of cats. Ember loves to dress up and she got to take ballett this summer and she loved it.
Troy did the windsurfing race series and had fun. He had to race semi-pro so it was challenging, but good. He is training for the triathalon too and loves playing with Sophie. She is a daddy's girl.
I am still training. I try to run, bike and swim at least once a week and often more. I love training-or playing with a reason to push me. I got out mountain biking a couple times lately and it was so pretty.
So that is us.
New weeks goals: To make a menu and shopping lists for 3 seperate weeks and get life more organized.


  1. Yea for posting! I am one of those faithful readers who checks your blog often... this is my way of socializing :)
    Sounds like a fun summer, can't wait to see you and your crew!

  2. ooops this is really Brooke, my sister, KC was logged in. :)

  3. yes Amy we love you and though I feel blessed to see you in real life and not just cyberspace it is still fun to check in on friends. You did a great summer recap... your family inspires me with all you seem to fit into the days of your lives :)