Friday, May 23, 2008

Week off

I had to take last week off. For some reason my left foot was having issues, (not me but my foot). The Big toe was sore...ingrown nail? and my heel cracked open. I increased my fish oil intake so hopefully that will help! It was actually so nice to take the week off. I am usually not too hip on being stuck into a schedule although I know it is very helpful to reach my goals. My body is not recovering from the weight lifting very quickly and that may just be because I am out of shape, nursing a baby and not replacing enough protein? This week I was able to swim twice. Tonight we dashed out the door as a family and only had 30 minutes until the pool closed so Troy and I were going to do 15 minutes each but my friend Kazuko was there and took Sophie for me so Troy and I swam together. He was a good coach and just goes to show me how much improving I can do with a little direction. I ran this week as well and it was a good run, but I think I need to run 2 times a week so it gets easier and my distance can get longer. Sophie calls....

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  1. way to go mama! this blog thing is pretty cool to be able to keep updated on friends and family. i am always impressed how you make time in your busy life to take care of yourself and pursue your goals. good job!