Thursday, May 1, 2008

Okay, so I am off to a slow start on the blog, but here goes. I am going to attempt to motivate myself to get into shape to do another (my second) triathlon this coming September. I have a 7 month old baby girl, Sophie, and she is my forth child. Kids: Sydney is 9, Ethan is 7, Ember is 3. I did my first triathlon when Ember was 1 in 2005. So triathlon training with kids is challenging, but all the more rewarding.
Schedule: Monday-weight train lower body; Tuesday-run, bike or swim; Wednesday-weight train upper body; Thursday-run, bike or swim; Friday-weight train arms and abs; Saturday-run, bike or swim. The flexibility comes in what kind of cardio fits best into the day. I get a swim in by trading kids with another mom that also likes to swim. We don't have a set day to go we just try to go once a week. I run in the morning before my husband has to leave so that he can watch the baby and feed the older kids breakfast. I have been biking on Friday and pulling the youngest two in the bike trailer to Embers preschool class.
This is my third week of following this schedule. Today I put workout clothes on when I got up and finely finished my workout at about much for getting up early and getting it done. It took three attempts, but I got it done!

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