Sunday, December 15, 2013

Par Core

I am an Allen.  What this means is I often fall into the category of having more "balls" than brain.  I have to back this up with the fact that I am reasonably athletic and I grew up watching my 2 older brothers push the limits in every area known in the recreation world.  They are both still alive and walking although they are showing some signs of aging.  My younger brother has also proven that he can play just as hard and suffer the consequences of lack of judgement such as not seeking medical attention for a broken ankle that will most likely hurt for the rest of his life.  But all in all they are a fun and adventurous group of nice guys.  But not examples of safety.

Saturday Troy and I took the family to black rock to play and jump off the rock.  We jumped and jumped and then these two old guys came up and one of them did a back flip.  I was impressed.  I have done thousands of back flips…on a trampoline.  But the thought had been formed, the idea developed and the lack of judgement confirmed.  I needed to flip off that rock!

My turn came.  I got to the edge, turned around, and froze.  I could not do it.  I turned back around and jumped straight down.  I landed with some disappointment.  I really wanted to do more.  I knew I had more in me, so I climbed back up.  Again I got to the edge turned around and could not bring myself to jump.  So I turned and faced the water and front flipped...

I closed my eyes as I rotated through the air.  I had done it!  I had thought about the jump, the flip, but not the landing.  I did not open up, I did not stop turning.  I hit the water with my face.  Pain slammed through my frame.  I was frozen face down in the water for what seemed a long time, then I turned my body over and brought my face out, but I could not breath.  My lungs would not respond to the logic of my brain.  Then I thought, if the air will not go in, blow out.  It worked.  I could blow out.  Then the new air came in.  The pain was excruciating.  What was I thinking?  I must look like an idiot.  I am an idiot.  I am not a diver and apparently I am not a flipper.  I need diving lessons or a new brain.

The pain is going away.  I can swim again.  I am not broken, thank God.  My face feels like I just jumped off a cliff and landed on it.  Oh wait, I did!

Let me back up to September when I was just having my first Cross Country practice for Pukalani School.  Ethan came to help me coach and he decided to jump off a wall and try to land on a fence rail that was in front of a steep hill.  He cleared the fence and landed on the hill and broke/ fractured/ badly sprained his ankle.  The doctors could not tell from the x-ray (welcome to medicine in Maui) but it hurt very bad and he was on crutches for several weeks and I lost my assistant coach.

Troy and I gave him a lot of grief over his lack of judgement after that "Jump".  Ethan - I take it all back.  It's in your blood.  You are an Allen.  

Pray that God will bless us with more brains and soft landings.


  1. Say three times fast: Flip Face Flop!

    You are so awesome!!

  2. Great post! Great writing! I love everything (except the pain) about this. You Allens are pretty great. Next tiem, I want to flip off that rock with you.

    1. I am not going to flip off that rock again. But I will watch you!

  3. I haven't been to the blogging world for awhile. I loved your story. Yikes, that hurt!! I love your adventurous spirit. :)