Friday, January 25, 2013

My Dad

My wonderful Dad turned 69 yesterday.  
His family motto is WORK HARD AND PLAY HARDER.  
Here are 69 memories that we have shared:
Love you DAD!

1.  Riding together on the Vespa.  The wind in my face and your strong arms on each side of me.  I always knew good things were in store when we went out together like; Doughnuts from Angels Bakery!

2.  Being carried under the branches of the trees in the front yard.  The air was cool, the sky was dark except for the stars and your body was warm.  You calmed my fears, tickled my face with the leaves and tucked me back in bed.

3. Dancing.  Oh how I love to dance with you!  In the kitchen, in the living room, on the boat, at my wedding...anywhere.

4.  Laying under the stars at Lake Mary and listening to classic love songs, sung by the pop singers of your generation.  I still love 50's music.

5.  Holding on to your legs while hiding under the driving console of the barge while you captained our vessel through the raging storms of Lake Powell.  I was never scared knowing you were at the helm.

6.  Pulling off your socks at the end of one of your long work days.  It was so hard to get those socks off those big feet!

7.  Sitting on your back while you read the newspaper lying on your stomach.  

8.  Having you help me with math and thinking that I would never be as good at math as you were.  Never understanding your way of solving the equations.

9.  Sitting on the gas tank of the Motorguzzi and driving on the freeway - fast - across town to eat a hot fudge Sunday from Swensen's.  Remember the coupons?

10.  Going skinny dipping at the lake with the whole family and screaming from the pinching shark.

11.  Airplane rides.  

12.  Riding on the disk with you.  Again holding on to your strong arms, doing circles, falling down, doing it again.

13.  Very early I have a memory of you and I snow skiing at McMillen Mesa.  It was dark and I was standing on your skis.  I would put my foot in the middle and touch the snow as we zoomed down the hill and my foot would fly back.  That was fun!

14.  Going out sledding at night is one of my fondest memories.  We would get so tired walking back up the hill and then you would come out with the vespa and tow us up the hill, our hero!

15.  When we were tired of sliding the hill, you would tow us all over on the sled behind the vespa.  I can still taste the exhaust.

16.  Hiking through the woods with Jonathan and Mom and we would search for the perfect bent over pine tree.  Then Jonathan and I would climb on and you would bounce us so high.  Best ride ever!

17.  You always had pink baby lotion on your work bench.  I thought that was so cute that my dad had pink lotion on his bench.  It was probably the cheapest one at the store and it just lasted for many years!

18.  You always tried to teach me perspective in drawing.  I could still use some lessons.

19.  I remember when Boomer ate my hamster.  It was horrible and I was hysterical.  You took what was left and in the dark night buried him in the woods.  When you came back and told me that he was okay now and that he was up in heaven.  I had peace.

20. I still remember sitting in church next to you and holding hands.  Your hands are always warm.

21.  We raced up the hill to Nana's house once.  You could run so fast.  I knew no one could run as fast as my dad.  I was about 6.

22.  You rode your bike to Sedona all the time.  You let me come when I got a 10 speed for Christmas one year.  I was about 8.  You would help push me up the hills and remind me that "what ever goes up must come down".  Life is kinda like that and downs, you helped me learn to roll with it and enjoy the ride.

23.  I wrecked on that bike ride and had the most road rash I have ever seen.  I was not happy.  You had gone ahead and I screamed to call you back.  You came back for me and got me back on the bike.  We nursed our way to the spring where you helped to wash me up.  You taught me that when you fall down you get back up and you don't ride on the edge of the road when there are cinders all over the side.

24.  I remember watching Invasion of the body snatchers and Invasion of the killer bees with you late at night.  I still like to stay up late with a good movie or a book.

25.  You place your finger to your teeth when you are reading a good book.

26.  Disneyland.  Going on thunder mountain over and over.

27.  Eating at the Hacienda.  Me:  Cheese enchilada I loved the salad garnish in the enchilada sauce.  Sopapilla's for dessert!

28.  Not being able to spell.

29.  You bought me a ring when I had Sydney.  I gave it to her when she turned 13.  It has 3 Sapphires because she made our little family 3.  It has 4 diamonds for the men that will be a part of her life:  Her Heavenly Father, her Earthly father, her Grandfather and her husband.

30.  You sent Mom to help me every time a had a baby.  You knew I needed my Mom.

31.  You love all my kids and they adore you.  Stories.

32.  I can still picture you rocking Ethan to sleep.  You would sing him Bobba cha bobba cha wa wa and dance.  He fell asleep every time.

33.  You bought a trampoline and told Jonathan and I that it was just for you and mom to exercise on.  We believed you for a minute, but then we took over.  I don't remember ever seeing you bounce on it, but we had hours of fun on that thing!

34.  Riding our bikes up on Appalachian and playing the red Barron and the blue bomber.

35.  Telling me that I could not get my drivers license until I could:  Change a tire, clean and gap a spark plug, check and change the oil.  There may have been more.  I have rarely been so motivated to learn.

36.  Arm exercises while driving.  Good time management.

37.  You drove GG to California after she passed away.  You said she was with you the whole time.

38.  I loved watching you kiss mom in the Kitchen.

39.  You could get mom to taste something sweet even when she was trying to be good by just telling her to try it and then spit it out.  She would.

40.  You starting walking to work through the woods.  I had ridden my bike up that way a few times and I loved comparing stories with you.

41.  Sitting on the side of Highway 89 for hours while you went to get gas.  I don't know why we ran out, but I guess you may have wanted to push the limits a bit.  I do that with things too.

42.  Hiking in Sycamore canyon.  Getting lost and having the most amazing adventure ever.

43.  Getting poison oak and suffering together.  Learning to be tough.

44.  Remember when we decided to race mom and Jonathan home from the top of Mt. Elden.  We hiked down and they drove.  We went down Pete's dragon and I got to do a lot of sliding.  I got a big hole in my pants.  That was fun, I don't remember who won.

45.  Going to baskin robbins and you would always get nutty coconut.  Jonathan would get bubble gum and then want to trade.  You were nice and you would trade him.

46.  Day old doughnuts at Safeway.

47.  One morning we went out for a bike ride.  We decided to get breakfast at a little Mexican food hole in the wall that you said mom would never go to.  I felt like a rebel.  It was yummy!

48.  You do not like to play games much, but I do remember learning to play blackjack at the kitchen table with poker chips.

49.  You came out for a visit once and I was feeling a little insecure about my parenting abilities.  I asked you if you thought I was doing okay.  You reassured me, told me I was doing fine and gave me a hug.  I have felt much better since then.

50.  Accentuate the positive, and don't mess with mister in-between!

51.  Orange juice flavored water.  Good resourcefulness.

52.  Watching you disk at sunset with the sun shining through the water from the spray.  You always looked so happy and content.

53.  MaryAnn no ski, MaryAnn can ski.  If you love them, tease them a little.

54.  Mutt.  Call it like it is.

55.  Lake Mary evenings and cooking on the hibachi.  Music.  Checking out the dam.  Catching snails. Looking for eagles.

56.  Riding bikes around Mormon Lake Lodge.

57.  Playing catch over the houseboat with the light sticks.

58.  Anything you can do I can do better.

59.  We took a family trip in the white van when I was about 16.  I think we went to Oregon.  It was a lot of driving and everyone was taking turns at the wheel.  You gave me a chance to drive while everyone was sleeping.  I was excited but then I became very nervous as I realized the speed I was supposed to maintain while I had the responsibility of every one's lives in the back.  You sat with me and made sure everything was going smooth.  It was a fun trip.

60.  Picking blackberries in Oak creek, eating berries in Utah, oh! and the peaches!

61.  Riding to Sedona in the Baby seat and you picking me flowers as we flew down the road.

62.  The end of the school year picnic that the ward had every year was fun, but you were the best dad there because you would actually play with us and get us spinning so fast on the tire swing.

63.  You taught me many things but one of them is not to stand in front of the referigerator with the door open.  I still expect to hear your voice yelling from the living room if I stand there too long.

64.  You had a tattoo booth at the ward halloween parties.  My favorite pictures were the ones with a heart around the word Mom.

65.  You can start singing a song from almost any sentence.  You have a wonderful voice.

66.  Remember hiking up to Bridle Vale falls in Telluride and singing I stand all amazed, with most of the right words.  You taught me to sing strong from my heart.

67. You let me help you rewire the cabin cruiser that was sitting in the driveway.  It was winter and cold so the tarp was on and the soldering iron was our only heat source.  I was amazed that you knew how to do what you were doing.  I thought you were the smartest man alive.  That was a fun boat.

68.  You love my husband and you are his friend.  You taught him to windsurf and how to do so many other things.  I am so grateful that you hired the young boy that needed a job.  I needed to get him trained.  I love thinking about all your adventures together and I look forward to many more.

69.  You always made me feel like I could do anything, because you knew you could do anything.  You are always game for any adventure, any vacation, any work and any type of play.  You work hard so you can play harder.  I am your daughter, in optimism, in work and in play.

Happy Birthday Dad.  Lets go make some more memories.

Hugs and Kisses,