Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kanaha WIndsurfing...Again

There is a sport in our family that gets neglected.  Yes, neglected and ignored.  It took the invitation of our neighbor to get us back out to the windsurfing mecca Kanaha.

History.  My parents came to Maui on vacation in the late 80's or early 90's.  They laid on the grass over Hookipa and watched the windsurfing.  It did something to my dad.

He went home to Arizona and bought used windsurfing equipment.  He wanted to do it.  He invited Troy to come do it with him.

Windsurfing is like a drug.  Windsurfing is an obsession.  I have seen my father and my husband, Troy, while living in the middle of Arizona, feel the wind, load the car and drive any given distance to find a body of water big enough to sail on.  Calling these lakes, bodies of a stretch.  One year there was more snow run off than usual and a normally dry prairie filled with water.  It is called Rogers Lake, and I had never been there until it filled with water.  I had to be amused at the sight: A van full of equipment, wet suits, and adrenalin seeking men.  Outside: a prairie filled with icy cold snow run-off, spring wind, moderately warm weather conditions - 60 degrees and the determination of two windsurf infected men.  They sailed in Ashers lake, Mormon lake, Lake Powell and the Cholla power plant cooling pond.  Yes, a power plant cooling pond.

Then we moved to Maui.

Maui is one of the best windsurfing locations in the world.  People come from all over to sail.  Kanaha beach offers some wave sailing, and great slalmon or speed sailing.  Hookipa is all about the waves.

Troy now having constant wind, real equipment and warm conditions, became a real windsurfer.  He loves it.  He loves speed.  He started competing in 2003 winning the championships in his class every year that he raced.  It was fun, he was awesome.   He practiced after work and between the births of his children.  One baby girl was born the morning of one of his races.  He was torn, to race or be present?  His wife won.  I think he regrets missing the race.

I admit I have tried, I have been blown away, I have had to be rescued by a lifeguard on a jet ski.  I have mostly tried to be the good wife, supporting my windsurfing infected husband.  Playing in 25 mile an hour wind with little children and showering them off in a shower that blows sideways because of the wind.  Yes, I have been cold at the beach in Maui...lots.  I have taken the approach of lessons to try and get hooked, but addictions are different for everyone.

Fast forward to present day.  Troy has taken a long leave of absence due to health issues and work demands.  Life has been hard for him.  It is not fun when you can't play.  Today life is getting better and although Troy has sold all of his equipment, (to our neighbor) our neighbor is generous with his time and equipment.  He even has a little star board that is perfect for Ethan.

So we accompanied our neighbor to Kanaha.
Ethan and Sydney were amped to try out the little board.  Ethan did great, but as the board was not big enough for Sydney or I we took to running the beach, building forts and swimming.

Troy got to sail.  He was happy.  Life seemed to slow down and be a good throw back into the past.  Ethan got to sail.  He was happy.  Troy is stoked that his kids want to sail.  The kids had so much fun.  We only froze a little bit and we all want to go back...with a bigger board for Sydney and I to play on.  Maybe Troy can race this summer - 2011.

See you at the beach!

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