Sunday, January 30, 2011

Amy's Day Out

My Friend Laura called Thursday morning and asked if I wanted to go fly to Hana in a Cessna 172 with her and her husband and brother in law. I believe that you should never pass up an opportunity to do something new, so I said YES! I called another friend to take Sophie for the morning and I hurried to the airport.

On the way out, we flew above the ocean and watched the beautiful coast.

Then we landed in Hana, hiked to the State Park and went for a refreshing swim. The weather was perfect: A little overcast and not too hot.

We flew over the mountain on the way home and I could not count all the waterfalls we saw. The trip home only lasted about 10 minutes...which was way too short for all the beautiful things to see, and so a car it takes a good 2 hours.

This day and this week was a reminder of the amazing friends that I have. I am so very blessed, spoiled and loved!

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