Sunday, February 14, 2010


I took a trip to town with Ember yesterday. I pointed out a passing limousine to Ember, and she enthusiastically responded: "When I grow up and become a vet, I am going to have a limo with a jacuzzi in it and all the animals can ride around with me and go in the jacuzzi if they want to!"

Later the same day...

We went into Borders Books and I bought her a field guide about butterflies and moths. She studied the pictures for a long time and then on the way home she asked if I could roll down her window. I rolled it down and then watched as she opened her butterfly book and wiggled it. While she wiggled it she said, "fly, fly, fly!" She then looked at me and explained that they just wanted to go for a little fly.

I want to live in Embers world. I love that kid!

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