Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Part ONE

I don't know where to start. Summer has been wonderful and it is ending too soon. Ethan starts 4th grade, Sydney is going to middle school and my little Ember is going to Kindergarten. My heart is twisted and I just want to keep them home all to myself. I am secretly hoping we will sell everything by Christmas and pull the kids out of school and just travel for awhile...but we will see...fingers crossed....
Back to summer:

Ethan loves is one of his caterpillar friends.

After riding our bikes to the bakery we like to hang out in this great big tree.

Ember turned 5 and got a fancy pair of pink cowgirl boots from her Aunty Gerilee and Uncle Rick in Washington.
We had a paddle boat building day out of...cartons, bottles, duct tape, chop sticks and more tape. It was fun! Sydney, Ember, Ethan and friend Julian.

Then we endured windy ward camp...good friends, good food, good to go home and get clean! Next we headed for the airport. Destination Phoenix, AZ.


  1. I love all those freckles! Is that the big tree at the library? You all look happy and well. Any trips to Utah planned soon? Let us know. :) Miss you guys.

  2. That tree is awesome! What a fun tradition and a great picture!

  3. Okay, thought I could make it through this post but no.... tears again. Loved your first paragraph. I am with you on that one. I just want to freeze my kids in time and keep them forever. Enjoy it while it lasts I guess? looks like you guys fit a lot in. very cool