Monday, November 24, 2008

I Miss Meg.

Meg is gone and she took my Lilikoi with her. Now who am I supposed to ride my bike over to see this morning? Sophie is ready to go, Ember insists that she needs to finish watching Clifford first, and that is okay since I am not sure where we are going to ride, but I want to go see Meg. Think I can ride all the way to Sandy, UT? I could try. But what about Malias Birthday this week? We are supposed to ALL go to lunch it just won't be as yummy without Meg. Okay and what about Thanksgiving? I am just going to skip the turkey this year, leave it in the freezer until my heart feels like roasting the bird. I just can't do it.
Why can't Star Trek be real and we could really have a transporter and visit anywhere we wanted instantly...and freely. Then Obama would tax the idea and the manufacturer of the machine and the smart little men that figure it out and the people who use it and then me and he would just ruin everything. My world is falling apart, no Meg and 4 years with a socialist, friend to terriorists running or ruining our country. WHaaaaaaaa! I have regressed to Lily's age-and I like it here...


  1. I feel the same way. About you. I want you to come ride your bike over to my house. No one comes over. I don't even want to have Thanksgiving with my family because it won't be as much fun as at your house. Thank you for this post. I miss you and Maui and Malia and everyone more than I can bear. I try not to think about it too much because I start to cry, uncontrollably, very much at Lily's maturity level, only worse. When I see anything Hawaii-related it makes my throat catch.
    I miss you. I think all the time about how I can earn a ton of money so that I can fly back and forth (first class, of course) so often that it won't even feel like I left.
    Maybe in four years things will be better. Maybe we will have a new president and maybe I can move back.
    I love you.

  2. Ah, now you guys are making ME sad! Amy, when you called this morning about our Wednesday date I felt a tinge of pain... the sadness of the thought... Meg won't be there. Okay now I am starting to cry! But my tears are way more mature... maybe like Kalena's or Ember's :) Okay, now I am laughing. It's late. aloha....

  3. I'm so sorry you guys are sad. I know how you feel Meg, but I was only there for a few months. I feel so sad for you... but what am I talking about, I live here with you. I am going to make it a point to come see you and hang out with you often. I know that I can't replace Amy or Malia, no one can, I found that out three years ago. But I will try to make you happy :)
    Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!